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Dr. Lynn Northrop

Lynn Northrop, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY18656) and a proud alum of San Diego State and West Virginia University. She interned and completed a fellowship at the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA – an affiliate of Stanford University. With over 20 years in the fields of Clinical Psychology and Healthy Aging, Dr. Northrop has a deep understanding of health and wellbeing across the lifespan. She provides caring, evidence-based treatment for adults of all ages and works with clients via telehealth in California and Florida


Dr. Northrop is an expert in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and her favorite approach is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Working with Dr. Northrop will feel collaborative, and client centered. You will feel warmly supported and will be an active participant in your own growth. At the same time, you can trust that treatment will be informed by current research and well- established models of human psychology. Resources and recommendations will be provided every session so that you can learn and practice new concepts and tools. Most people are in therapy for ten to 20 sessions – sometimes more or less depending on your needs and wishes. Dr. Northrop is firmly committed to not keeping clients in therapy any longer than they need to be to accomplish their goals. That is a promise.


Anxiety, loss, grief, illness, depression, trauma, and change can narrow our lives. They can cause us to lose joy, purpose and meaning. Dr. Northrop helps people grow, rebuild, and find their best life, even in the context of difficult experiences and emotions. She is committed to living her life guided by values of authenticity, kindness, social justice, humility, creativity, curiosity, connection, collaboration, flexibility, mindfulness, and empiricism. She has a special love for working with creatives – musicians, artists, actors – and she is a staunch ally of the LGBTQI+ community.


Dr. Northrop also provides clinical consultation and training to therapists. In fact, she has found that being of service in this manner is some of the most meaningful and important work she has done. Please check out the Clinical Consultation and Training tab to learn more.  

Prior to building her own practice, Dr. Northrop found many ways to be of service. She was a senior living administrator, provided therapy in Senior Behavioral Health at UC San Diego Medical Center and then spent more than a decade in clinical leadership at Sharp HealthCare providing clinical service and mentoring young clinicians. She remains in this mentorship role with the 200+ psychologists and other clinicians whom she trained. She has provided hundreds of community workshops and staff/team training – helping people live rich and meaningful lives and to be more effective in their careers. Dr. Northrop co-facilitates the Aging in Context Consultation Group for professionals and is the co-founder of International Arts Mentors, a 501c3 nonprofit. When not at work, Dr. Northrop listens to live music, paints, cooks for her children, friends, and family, and hangs out with her incorrigible pooch, Honeybee.

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