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Individual Therapy

All humans have inherent worth, and we all deserve to live rich and meaningful lives. Sometimes life rears up and gets in the way. Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, injustice – these and similar experiences can wear us down. They can shape how we view the world and ourselves and they can interfere with our ability to thrive. Dr. Northrop provides evidence-based treatment, tailored to the individual client, and delivered with kindness and compassion. She is a master at recognizing and celebrating people’s strengths. She helps people find courage, self-compassion, and new tools so that difficult emotions and thoughts are not barriers. She helps people step out of unhelpful struggles, change patterns, and move toward what is important to them. She helps them love and respect themselves and most importantly, she helps them live rich and meaningful lives. If you are interested in working with Dr. Northrop, please Get in Touch. She is happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation to answer any questions you may have. All services are provided via telehealth currently and are available to people anywhere in California or Florida.

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